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  1. I’m Japanese who live in Japan.
    Now we are facing hardship and deep in grief.
    No one knows what will happen in the future.
    But now,we keeping calm and order,and helping each other.
    The word from the world is a great encouragement for us.
    I want that the world don’t forget our experience.


  2. a minha irma tinha chegado poucas horas antes do grande abalo, acaba de chegar de 5 dias de muitas experiência para não esquecer :(

  3. me too, I love Japan ! eles precisam dos nossos abraços !
    e queria ir ver a expo das encomendas nambam no museu do Oriente

  4. I spent more then 3 months in Japan. I think about Japanese all the time. So sorry!!! I have many friends there…
    I am sure the world doesn’t forget!

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