the good citizen’s handbook

ainda no new museum, fiz uma das melhores compras da temporada: um livro chamado “the good citizen’s handbook” e que é uma colectânea de “civics texts, citizenships manuals, government pamphlets, and scouting manuals from the 1920s to 1960s”. depois de o ler fiquei a perceber melhor algumas coisas que por aqui se passam. eis alguns exemplos:

“the good citizen has a proper respect for the law and obeys it. this is not because of a fear of what may happen to him if he breaks the law, but because he desires to do what is for the greatest good of all.”

“tips to ensure that work does not dominate your life:

read (a lot)

take time each day to exercise, or join a sports team

each week see at least one movie

try a new recipe

join a community organization”

“spiritual values:

devotion to a religious faith helps keep a person mentally healthy. everyone needs the strength that comes from knowing that there is an order – and a power for good – in the universe, and that each of us has a place and purpose in the scheme of things.”