Month: July 2002

  • I wrapped you…

    …inside my coat When they came to firebomb the house I didn’t feel pain, ’cause no-one can touch me Now that I’m held in your spell A beautiful girl A beautiful girl Can turn your world into dust Sell me a car that goes Sell me a house that stands I never cared before, I […]

  • According to medical statistics…

    …between 10 and 15 per cent of pregnancies end in miscarriage, and 85 per cent of these occur in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy. But the real figures are likely to be much higher. Very early miscarriages probably affect up to one in three pregnancies, where the miscarriage may show up as a late, […]

  • duas horas de sesta…

    …e ainda tenho sono!

  • faltam onze dias :)

  • dot tk

    um site em tokelau é muito melhor que um dot com. as colheres já emigraram!

  • só como…


  • tobias

    tobias, eu tenho esse piano! e deve estar a fazer 20 anos que o tenho e quase 21 desde que comecei a namorá-lo na montra de uma loja de brinquedos em algés. entretanto perdeu as pernas e a afinação, mas ainda toca :)

  • obrigada


  • nine nine nine

    nine nine nine gettin jiggy, people did you see that fire in the city? it’s like we’re fresh out of democratic gotta get yourself a little something semi-automatic yeah…

  • na tua e na minha