thanks claire!

I’ve been admiring Claire’s work for years. Loobylu and Mariana Newlands’ Interludio were the two blogs that made me start writing my own blog, back in the summer of 2001 when I was in New York. I owe Claire, who lives across the globe from me, for introducing my work to I don’t know how many people and I have made a good friend because of one post where she linked to A Ervilha Cor de Rosa.

And then this morning I get this in the mail!

Thank you Claire!


3 responses to “♥”

  1. tania Avatar

    ah wow!!

    what a lovely surprise.


  2. Carol Grilo Avatar

    Que linda pêra!


    adoro as duas meninas talentosas também =*

  3. planeta hilda Avatar
    planeta hilda