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  1. B O M D I A!!!

    B E M V I N D A A L I S B O A ! :D

    Vou já comprar a Casa Cláudia! E suspeito que este mês as vendas vão crescer!!


  2. oh my!!! how beautiful…. i’m so happy you’re back.

    this doll is perfect. hugs & kisses, mav

  3. Esta boneca nova – que é um doce – já tem “mãe”: vai para a minha afilhada Joaninha, que vai fazer dois anos …


  4. I LOVE your dolls. My sister just had a baby, she is a bit young but i would really love to give her a doll. Anything you make would be lovely; they are all works of art.

    I have other children of friends I could shop for but I don’t know the prices.

    Tell me how I can order from you.


  5. hi

    I have been drooling with envy over your dolls ever since the + result of my pregnancy test. now my sweet Alice was born 19th july and I think this little denim doll is just the right one for her.

    could you tell me if itis still available and what would beher price (+ shipping to Paris France) Hope to hear from you. Wonderful craft again :)