sweet as halva


Dearest Olja has just returned from Copenhagen. We always speak English with each other (or rather a funny mixture of English and Portuguese that suits us, her being from Serbia and me not being very fluent in any language other than Portuguese). Olja, who dressed some of my favorite dolls, arrived with a surprise: a small collection of cardigans for little girls that she created while she was in Denmark. She wanted me to choose one for E. but I couldn’t make my mind yet as they all look and fit like they were designed especially for her.

Olja (oljacacic at hotmail dot com) will be selling this collection – which she named Alva – next saturday at the Príncipe Real crafts fair.


2 responses to “alva”

  1. Karin Avatar

    a surprise to read your log today in english. It’s lovely to hear your ‘voice’. (rather than the wonky google translation).

  2. maria Avatar

    oh i agree with karin… how fun to see it in english. i love the idea of you & your dear friend talking in a form of english and portuguese that “works for you”. that is very sweet! :) xox, mav