rosa, a monster by rhya

rosa doll

Depois de dois meses de viagem Toronto-Lisboa, chegou finalmente o monstreco chamado rosa, que troquei com a Rhya pela boneca Esther!

Dear Rhya, she’s here! She’s so cute – thanks!


2 responses to “rosa, a monster by rhya”

  1. rhya Avatar

    OH MY Goodness!


    I was sooo beginning to loose hope.I was getting ready to make a new .Rosa. !!!

    How is Portugal these days?

    How was your vacation?

    (ohh so many questions)

    Love the new fabrics and bear.delish!

    By the way, I have received a ton of compliments on you doll that I have.everyone thinks she is beautiful.



  2. Renata Avatar

    Que coisa mais meiga!! E ainda tem um saiote. Ohhh!! Amei.