(o peixe no vaso é da Lixúria)


4 responses to “#304”

  1. planeta hilda Avatar
    planeta hilda

    que bonita! adoro o tecido e as cores.

    e o toucado encarnado fica-lhe tão bem!

  2. jan Avatar

    very cute – liking the pom poms around the head.

  3. rql Avatar

    As bonecas são realmente lindas! Cada vez sou mais fã. Parabéns!

  4. maria Avatar

    ah yes … ! the one legwarmer sweet doll. are they into leg warmers in Portugal? here they were in the 80’s and now they seem to have come back. this doll is adorable!! i think {and this may change} but this type may be my favorite type with the little face, little eyes and pom pom hair. i can’t get enough of them. thank you! xox, mav