Três bonecos e dois slings novos.


4 responses to “shop update”

  1. Célia Avatar

    COmo sempre… Tecidos fantásticos!

    Ainda compro um dos teus bonecos para mim!

  2. margaridacolorida Avatar

    são lindos, lindos, lindos!

  3. Diana Budde Avatar

    I don’t know if you are proficient in English. I cannot speak, read or write Portuguese, but I am going to attempt to respond to your blog and see what happens. I teach at a small 2 year college here in Wausau, Wisconsin. Somehow I came upon your site, and I love your dolls. I am involved in a gallery here that is not on the site I am showing you but is in a much more beautiful place downtown next to the theater. This gallery is going to have a show before Christmas 07 that will exhibit toys and other playthings as works of art. I immediately thought of your dolls as art–because they are! I was wondering if you would be interested in exhibiting the dolls at this show which runs November 16 – December 30, 2007. The site I am sending you is Harrel Fletcher who showed in the Whitney Biennial in NYC and came to our town to do a residency last year when I was pregnant with twins. I like to bring in exciting artists to this town to help open minds. Thank you for considering the show.

  4. Mary Avatar

    lala #689 is so beautiful :)

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