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  1. I love that photo with your pretty sneakers and the heels in front of you!

    I also know first pic place in Lisboa. I was there once, and you know what?… a nasty pigeon thought I was a public WC… puaf!

    Things happens : )

  2. Olá Rosa

    Essa esplanada é linda.

    Domingo passado estive lá a estudar bastante tempo. Adorei.

    Bem como adoro a rua da Rosa. Durante muitoa anos era fiel na Casa Varela. Mas essas artes ficaram no passado.

    Também deve ser um bom local para tricotar.


  3. I think i know this place ! It’s my favourite viewpoint in lisboa! If i ‘m right you can see the castle from this place…

    So lucky to live in such a charming city ;o)

  4. Venho visitar-te e mandas me de volta para casa! Nao percebia. Ha.

    Thank you for introducing me to needled. A beautiful blog.

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