♥ zagal

♥ zagal
♥ zagal

How much or how little information do you need to follow a knitting pattern? Knitting from japanese books has made me favor charts over text, symbols over words. While doing research for my book I’ve met old ladies who can’t follow the simplest written pattern but will reproduce a complex knitted garment from looking at it only once or twice.

♥ zagal
♥ zagal

This sleeveless jumper was the first thing I’ve created with my new yarn, Zagal. My daughter is 7 but I think it will look nice on smaller kids as well. It’s done portuguese style (which means I prefer purling over knitting and always purl when knitting in the round, facing the inside of the garments), in the round up to the armholes and then flat up to the shoulders. If you’re knitting style is any other than portuguese chances are you prefer knitting over purling – just purl where I knit and knit where I purl and you’ll be fine.

♥ zagal
♥ zagal

Needles: 60cm x 6mm circular needles for the ribbing, 60 x 7mm circular needles for the body and a set of 5 double pointed 6mm needles for the ribbing on the neck and arm openings.
Yarn: 1 skein of Zagal 902 (yellow) and 3 skeins of Zagal 909 (blue & white).

♥ zagal
♥ zagal

Some notes:
1. The ribbing pattern is k1, p3.
2. After the ribbing, stitches 1 & 63 are knitted to create a faux seam. All other stitches are purled.
3. Leave stitches 1 & 63 on stitch holders when you reach the beginning of the armholes.
4. Cast off the stitches of the front (20 on each shoulder) together with the stitches of the back (also 20 st on each shoulder). This is called a three needle bind off.
5. The neck opening starts on row 64 of the front and row 77 of the back. Start counting after the ribbing is finished.

♥ zagal

Have fun!


6 responses to “♥ zagal”

  1. susanacgalli Avatar

    Gosto muito!!!

  2. Susana Avatar

    Obrigada. Bela receita e belas cores.

  3. nancy Avatar

    love love this!!

  4. whitesheepblog Avatar

    Olá, excelente conjunção de cores. Adorei o resultado final. :)

  5. V Avatar

    Very Nice ! J’adore :)!

  6. Sarah Avatar

    Fica bom com a lã Beiroa??

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