#507 e #496

lala lala

Impressions d’Inde, a propósito de um irracional fascínio por rótulos e carimbos em tecido.

Nu Amu Misin ?: gurumi arts via Wawaya.

lala lala


4 responses to “#507 e #496”

  1. karin Avatar

    love the paint on floor, is that your studio?

  2. Lisa Avatar

    Very cool looking dolls against the denim! I’ve been admiring Nu Amu Misin? for years, happiness to me would be to visit your store and theirs some day. Don’t they have great cake cushions?!

  3. ana margarida Avatar
    ana margarida

    Não sei se algum dia fui clara, mas eu gosto sempre! :P


  4. mary Avatar


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