esta tarde

Neste momento

A Ana e a Alexandra a fazer meia em versão hipstamatic.

To me, knitting is symbolic of a long history of women and textile. It is a cultural site, where women learn from other women. The production of clothing is a loaded point where economies meet and powers struggle. When we look at our modern, global economy, the industry of textile nearly always sits center-stage in any argument about labor, exploitation and trade. The production of textile is, and always has been an expensive endeavor. And women, historically, have always participated in that production.
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  1. Ana Nogueira Avatar
    Ana Nogueira

    Para mim o tricot vai estar sempre associado a estas tardes de tagarelice (sendo eu a maior tagarela, eu sei), bolinhos, chazinho e partilha. Aprendemos tanto, ao mesmo tempo. Obrigada Rosa e Zélia.

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