Uma semana a sul. Do meu instagram:

a bata
a bata, principal elemento do traje popular feminino contemporâneo > the smock, worn daily by most women in rural areas of portugal #alentejo

#latergram from #alentejo > having dinner with sr manuel and sra emília who live in an isolated “monte” with their cows, pigs, sheep, goats and poultry. there are no weekends or holidays here, only hard work and the gentlest smiles. #à svezeslánomeumonte #bringapocketknife #thefatoftheland

#protocol > when invited for a meal at a peasant or shepherd’s home, bring your own pocket knife. you will be expected to use it to help yourself to the communal loaf of bread, cheese, and fruit, and to replace the knife you would expect to see by the plate that might not be there as well (opinel or a swiss army knife will do just fine but go for portuguese ivo or palaçoulo pocket knives if you can). having spent so many years gazing at medieval imagery, even after many memorable meals i am still moved by the longevity of these century old table manners #Portugal #bringapocketknife


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  1. Joana Avatar

    A navalha azul deve ter uma história interessante para contar :)

  2. raquel Avatar


  3. Lisa Avatar

    I love how much tradition is so evident, and that Portugal as a whole remains true to its customs and roots and doesn’t conform to the way the rest of the world does stuff! Really badass!

    I’m moving to Portugal in a couple of months and I am sooo excited but nervous at the same time as it will be a different type of life for me!

    I really enjoy reading your blog ( I like to practice my portuguese reading, which is difficult for me 😳). Your space is really beautiful and I love what it’s all about!

  4. […] O canivete, tão omnipresente e essencial na era pré-plástico como o taleigo. Aprender a comer sem prato, sem mesa. Saber usar as mãos de outra maneira, conhecer outros protocolos. […]

  5. Antonio Filipe Avatar

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