biquinhos de crochet

biquinhos de crochet
[instagram] #maximalism > beautyfying everyday kitchen towels with crochet edgings is the pastime of choice of uncountable portuguese (older) women, thus keeping their hands busy at times once used for spinning, mending or knitting socks. large bold ‘joyful’ prints and bright yarns are always preferred over lighter ‘minimalistic’ palettes, discarded as too plain or simply ‘sad’.


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  1. Ana Pereira Avatar
    Ana Pereira

    I’ve plenty of these – bold, colourful ones from Grandma M and demure, elegant ones from Grandma H. I sometimes felt silly for all these house presents (and I still think that the huge handmade lace ones are a bit over the top) but having lost both my Grandmothers and having had my first flat, I felt comforted, not alone, and prepared. :)

  2. Lisa Avatar

    so beautiful!

  3. Maria Cordoeiro Avatar

    Demais!! Vou imitar.

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  5. Ellis Avatar

    I wish we all still had time to make these lovely housholdthings but ….
    For Some things the old times were definitly better ❤️❤️

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